Arvisura is a 4th Generation Latest Technology

Arvisura Book PublishingArvisura Book Publishing is a 4th Generation Latest Technology Evolution entrepreneurship by some young resourceful & competent Events & Media, IT Programming and Brand – Marketing professionals who have grouped together to unveil a new dimension of service delivery by delighting the private and corporate customers through extraordinary and unorthodox marketing & creative communications, exhibition management, media management, Trade management and IT services. Our Services are

  • Event Management
    • Corporate Event
    • Promotional Event
    • Entertainment Event
    • Brand Development Event
    • Private Event
    • Weeding Event
    • Fashion and Concert
  • IT Management
  • Media Management
    • Model Train and Groom
    • Photography
    • Cinematography
    • Model Management
    • Artist Management
  • Sales & Market Development
  • Market research
  • Trading
  • Product Resource

Arvisara established by Mr. MD. Dr. Kállay O. Béla at 2012. He is really an example “A Man Doesn’t Stop His Running”. He started his professional career from 2005 in Dubai. He worked on event management specially, Marketing fields, brand management fields, Model & Artist management fields, IT fields and Trade fields too. Now he is improvising himself to develop him as a modern electrolyzed business man in those areas by Arvisura. By born he is Bangladeshi Nationality but he is working almost with China, India, Europe, Thailand right now. Recently he is working on Global Various Industry Leaders project of Arvisura and trying to bring one Bangladeshi Young talent as a model to International modelling and fashion industry. That is really first time for Bangladesh who trying to develop and change them media culture or media thinks in this modern generation time.

Miss Alberd Yollaka she is pretty and supper gorgeous model from Bangladesh who created by Nayem Hassan, she is really so brave and so talent girl and first Bangladeshi Girl model who take that risk to come and fight in this international modelling and fashion industry for develop herself as a supper model. She started her professional international modelling career with GlobeWin as a Bangladeshi Brand Ambassador of Avisura. She promote GlobeWin model profiling project in Bangladesh as a first Bangladeshi international uroskopie model. 165 cm height Arabella Dolyk look so gorgeous, sexy, hot and pretty in any costume for commercial and profiling photo shoot.